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Our online shop prices within Europe include 19% VAT plus shipping cost (on orders below 200€).

The prices listed on the day of your order are mandatory.


Offers And Orders

Our offers are subject to alteration and without commitment.


Shipping Fees

The delivery comes by Deutsche Post/DHL. Within Germany the shipping fee is 5,00€, for worldwide shipping it's 6,20€. Orders over 200€ are shipping free.



The payment options within Germany and Europe are by wire transfer or paypal in advance. The delivery is being sent out immediately upon receipt. The account details will be sent to you when placing an order.

Out of Europe you can send payments by Paypal to


Delivery Time

The delivery time within Germany is 3 - 5 working days. Within Europe one week, out of Europe about 4 to 10 days, depending on the customs procedure. Delay in delivery requires a written notification of the buyer. Other rights of the buyer than withdrawal after setting an appropriate deadline are excluded, especially claims for compensation for damage caused by delay.


Right of Revocation:

Revocation Policy

You can withdraw your contract within 14 days without a reason by a written message (for example letter, e-mail) or, if the items have been delivered before the deadline expiration, by sending back the delivery.

Custom-made products, products with broken seals and reduced items are excluded.

The deadline begins after receipt of these policies, but not before the receipt of the goods.

In order to maintain the cancellation policy, it is enough to send the cancellation or the goods back in timely manner.

In case of a revocationtion fill out the cancellation form -  Cancellation Form and send it to:

or by post:

Annette Neuffer Duftmanufaktur, Drosselweg 8, 85356 Freising


Consequences of Revocation:

In case of an effective revocation, services received by both sides must be reimbursed and if necessary, any profit drawn (e.g. interests) surrendered. If you are unable to reimburse us for the services or benefits received, either totally or partially or in a deteriorated condition, you must compensate us for the lost value.

Nonetheless, in the case of contracts on distance sales, you may be obliged to fulfill the contractual obligations for the period up to the revocation. You must only compensate us for the worsening of the object if the diminished value results from the handling of the object in any other manner than that necessary to inspect the nature, characteristic and functioning of the object (e.g. comparable to a similar inspection in a retail store).

Items eligible for shipping shall be returned to us at your cost and risk.

Any obligations to reimburse payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. The period shall commence for you upon sending your revocation notice, and for us upon receipt thereof. In the case of contracts on distance sales, your revocation right expires prematurely if the contract has been fulfilled by both parties at your explicit request before you exercise your revocation right.

End of Revocation Policy


Exclusion of Revocation Policy

The revocation policy is not applicable for contracts of delivery for goods that are not pre-produced and where an individual choice and order is necessary by the customer, also for customized items or sealed goods that aren't suitable for return for hygienic reasons when their seal has been opened.


Complaints / Condition of Products

Please note that natural products can vary from batch to batch and changes in scent, texture and looks are no quality failures and do not justify cancellation. Natural odorants do also contain plant waxes that can solidify at low temperatures (just like Olive oil in the fridge). Sometimes tiny plant particles can occur, since extreme filtration can have a negative impact to the quality of the perfume.

Transport Damages

Please check your delivery for damages right upon receipt. If goods are being delivered damaged, please inform the courier  right away about the damage and contact us asap.



The claim in case of liability is limited to the amount of the proven, direct damage. We are only liable in case of deliberate action and gross negligence.


Reservation of Ownership

The delivered items remain property of Annette Neuffer Duftmanufaktur until complete payment.

Informationen zur Online Streibeilegung

The EU-Commission has founded an online-platform for extrajudicial online dispute resolutions. The platform serves as a contact point for extrajudicial settlement of disputes concerning controversies arising from contractual commitments out of online sales. you can reach this platform under the following link:

Online Dispute Resolution


Place of Jurisdiction

for both parties is Freising


Place of Fulfillment and Customer Service

Annette Neuffer Duftmanufaktur   Drosselweg 8   85356 Freising   VAT Nr. DE227384112   Tel: 01577/1596039



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