I'm Annette Neuffer, founder, nose, "chief cook and bottlewasher" of the Duftmanufaktur. I have had an intense interest of all things fragrant from an early age, very early, to be more exact... In my Grandma's beautiful garden, I spent a lot of time on thorough researches on botanical raw materials…

A little later, I became a jazz musician and-educator, which is still my main occupation. Nevertheless, I couldn't let go of my interest in the olfactory world and started my first blending efforts during my jazz trumpet studies at the music university many years ago. At that time the internet wasn't present yet and so was the availability of suitable essential oils, absolutes and such (with very few exceptions in the health food store).

So I didn't really bother, until 2005, when I took up my experiments again. Very much to my own surprise, people started to become enthusiastic about my concoctions and I received a couple of great reviews and high praises on the internet, which I would have never, ever expected. So I decided to dig a little deeper and more consequently besides my musical activities and founded a lab of my own, where  visitors from all over the world are dropping by now.

Again, a big thank you to my supporters who took their spirit, time and energy in writing!






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