Annette Neuffer's Duftmanufaktur is based in Freising (Munich Airport), Germany.

The oldest town along the Isar River is an official "City Of Roses", a horticultural Mecca, due to the presence of the famous University Of Applied Sciences, Weihenstephan.

The Monastery hosts the world's oldest brewery, founded around the year 1040. The monasterial gardens and the University's experimental garden are incredible places to study and evaluate all kinds of aromatic plants, flowers and herbs.

On clear days it is even possible to catch a fascinating view of the Alps from there!

Right around the corner, Annette picks up the best fragrant raw materials she can get from  all over the world at the customs office at Munich Airport.

All these factors couldn't be more favourable to establish a manufacture that specializes in 100% natural perfumery.


Although many botanical perfumery materials are often about 1000 times more expensive than synthetic ones, each raw material is being very carefully chosen - regardless of price issues.

 If one out of ten samples of a certain essence is slightly better, but twice as expensive, it will be the one that is finally being used in the product.

The search for the right thing can sometimes take years and is a costly and extremely time consuming enterprise.

Just like a great combo is only going to swing if all it's individuals are equally skilled, one literal drop out can ruin everything. There is no compromise when it comes to quality, even if it's costly.



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