A spicy oriental rose theme, named after the Persian scientist and philosopher Avicenna from Isfahan, who invented the distillation of rose oil in the 10th century.



 Saffron, Black Pepper, Cardamom*, Ginger*, Cinnamon*, Honey Tangerine, Bergamot*, Petitgrain


Persian*, Moroccan, Turkish and Bulgarian* Rose, Tunisian and Moroccan Orange Blossom*, Egyptian Jasmine, Tuberose, Genêt, Olibanum, Elemi


Beeswax, Bourbon Vanilla*, Indian Sandalwood, Siam Benzoin*, Opoponax, Labdanum


*certified organic, organically grown





"The Gods of Creative Genius have been especially kind to Annette Neuffer."



"The garland of rose unfolds on the skin majestically, like a thousand petals crushed underfoot in a medieval palace in Tehran.

Myriads of nuances of rose take on mellow hues lent by smooth saffron and the bracken and honey feel of broom as the progression of the maturing of the precious and quite potent essence is continuing.

There is no sharp note or that high pitched aluminium and glass feel of modern perfumes that one can smell at a department store.

It’s cobbled alleys and dirt instead.

The underlying mustiness has reminded me of the famous Caron accord that is so evident in most of the venerable firm’s offerings. Their Poivre, Parfum Sacre and Rose parfums all contribute elements that can be traced later on in Avicenna.



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