PER FUMUM: AMBAR is the third in a series of spiritual scents that do mainly consist of balsamic and resinous raw materials that have been used for sacral purposes by many cultures since thousands of years.


It is an archetype amber scent, dry, almost dusty and features the rare and precious essence of Himalayan Amber (Succinite). It is obtained by a dry distillation (a heat process) from fossilized resins of the Pinus Succinifera that are about 35 millions of years old.

Genuine Ambergris, beach combed from the shores of New Zealand and sustainably plantation grown Vietnamese Crassna Oud, do pure magic that one will never find in any commercial perfume.



Cardamom, Ginger, Bitter Orange*, Bergamot*


Tobacco Absolute, Rose*, Jasmine, Orris


Fossilized Amber, Labdanum, Vietnamese Oud, Indian Sandalwood, genuine Ambergris, Vetiver, Patchouli


*certified organic, organically grown




Photo: Putto in der Asamkirche München (1746) © AN

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