I'm Annette Neuffer, a studied jazz musician and founder, nose, "chief cook and bottlewasher" of the Duftmanufaktur, a one-woman business in Freising (Munich Airport), specialized in the creation of extraordinary scents from natural raw materials exclusively.


I also offer classes for people interested in fragrance who want to gain a deeper insight into the making of a perfume or who would like to become creative themselves into that direction. 


The location is Freising, the oldest town along the Isar River, an official "City Of Roses" and a horticultural Mecca, due to the presence of the famous University Of Applied Sciences, Weihenstephan. 


Right around the corner, I pick up my raw materials from all over the world at the customs office at Munich Airport. 


Visitors from all over the world do often combine the workshops at my lab with the countless tourist sensations around the Munich area or a trip to the spectacular Gothic city of Landshut which is only half an hour away.