„Smelling Annette Neuffer's perfumes one after the other makes it clear that, unlike many perfumers, she has developed her own style.“

Luca Turin, Perfumes The Guide 2018

Annette Neuffer is an extraordinary self taught perfumer based in Freising, Germany. Her line is the highest ranking all natural perfume brand worldwide and widely applauded by perfume aficionados all around the globe, although, or maybe even because, it is entirely free of synthetics.

She is one of very few who manage to compose deep, complex and intense perfumes that convince even the toughest critics.

As her artistic nature is incorruptible, she works with the highest grades of often extremely hard to come by materials, among them genuine Ambergris, organic oils of Rose, Orris, Agarwood, Tahitian Gardenia, Narcissus, Boronia, Jonquille etc.

Many of them are more expensive and precious than gold.

None of these are ever used in anything one would find at the mall, even at much higher prices.

Annette strongly opposes animal cruelty, which is sadly becoming more and more common among illegal niche producers.

Most of her creations are a labour of love, quietly developed over years, regardless of cost or any profit oriented considerations.

That seems to be the reason for her stunning success, as she neither advertises nor collaborates with influencers and the like.

Even Luca Turin, who calls natural perfumes „Granola bars for the nose“ included her first composition „Avicenna“ in his Top Ten List of „Perfumes The Guide 2018“ and stated:

„I have a (deliciously) hard time disentangling texture from structure in Annette Neuffer's fragrances, the former very satisfying, the latter swirling and sometimes puzzling to my nose corrupted by decades of reading synthetic largetype print.“ LUCA TURIN, Perfumes: The Guide 2018

Annette holds a university degree in jazz trumpet and has been an active musician and educator since over 30 years.

She started her fragrant adventures about twenty years ago - just for fun - and was very surprised herself, when people started wanting to buy her concoctions.

Since selling perfumes legally in the EU is an incredibly challenging venture, it still took her until 2014, to finally launch her small business which is still and will always remain a one-woman show.

As she continues to perform and teach music, she keeps her production on a small, but extremely high level of quality and value, unparalleled by conventional perfumery.