Fumoir des Anges ~ Release on 1/1/2022

A playful tobacco and orris themed chiaroscuro, ethereal cool notes contrasting against deep, warm and dark ones, the angel's smoking parlor.

"Diese Engel haben jeden Abgrund schon gesehen. Dennoch ist ihr Salon voller Licht und Harmonie. Unendlichkeit."

"These angels have already seen every abyss. Nonetheless their parlor is full of light and harmony."

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To celebrate my 15th Anniversary since the creation of my first perfume Avicenna on 12/25/2006,  I created an extremely precious Orris / Tobacco perfume with several ingredients worth their weight in gold and even much higher than that (Ambregris, Orris Root Oil, Crassna Oud, Boronia, Bourbon Vanilla absolute, Red Frangipani, certified organic Bulgarian Rose Otto, Rum Absolute).

The Blond Tobacco Absolute in this perfume is about 4 times more expensive than others, but much richer and complex - it oozes notes of plum, gingerbread, honey, chocolate and then some...

A few of the raw materials are not obtainable anymore for now and the first batch does only consist of 5 bottles total. There will be more, but it's a poker game - as always with natural raw materials.

Update on January 23rd 2022:

The first batch of Fumoir des Anges has sold out in light speed!

My biggest gratitude to all who purchased it and thus support me to purchase the REALLY expensive raw materials for a second batch.

I have finally managed to obtain some beautiful white Ambregris, which is currently really difficult, now I am waiting to get the Orris Butter back in stock. Work in progress, I hope for more in February, supposedly the 8th.


Update on February 15th 2022:

Finally I have the Orris Butter back in stock which has been successfully been integrated in the juice. The ordered bottles are going out now and 8 more remain for sale.


Rum Absolute, Green Cognac, Angelica, Szechuan Peppercorn, Bergamot*, Blood Orange*, Clementine


Tobacco Absolute, Iris Germanica, Caramel, Honey, Bulgarian Rose Otto*, Boronia, Red Frangipani, Lisylang, Olibanum


Bourbon Vanilla*, Tonka Bean, Cocoa, Patchouli, Siam Benzoin, Sandalwood*, Vietnamese Crassna Oud, Labdanum, Myrrh, Beeswax, genuine white Ambergris


*certified organic, organically grown


Encaustic Art Object by Michaela Richardson