A full bodied sweet leather and tobacco scent, as rich as the incredibly artful, beautifully embellished Maroquin Leathers used in the bookbinding art of the Renaissance.

Luca Turin on Maroquin in Perfumes The Guide 2018:

Maroquin (Annette Neuffer) *** incense pepper

One of the imperishable achievements of niche perfumery has been to bring incense to the fore as a serious material, free of high mass associations. There have been some excellent incense fragrances, e.g. Heeley's Cardinal. The quality of incense itself has also improved, from generic to the beautiful Omani and Somali grades. The difficulty with incense fragrances is in giving them heft, because the material can come across as wispy and thin. Accords with other things such as citrus and amber are precarious. Maroquin is an unusually solid incense accord, with just a small touch of sweetness and leather to it, beautifully stable and long-lasting. 




Red Bitter Orange*, Bergamot*, Lime*, Black Pepper, Tamala, Saffron, Clary sage, Rosewood



Somalian Frankincense, Elemi Resin, Virginia Tobacco, Orris, Tunisian Orange Blossom, Carnation*, Persian Rose*



Leather notes, Bourbon Vanilla*, Beeswax, Indian Sandalwood, Texas Cedar, Myrrh, Styrax, Peru Balsam, Siam Benzoin, Patchouli, Ambrette Seed

*certified organic, organically grown