a crisp and uplifting white floral over a light, but very tenacious base, capturing the fragrance of Honeysuckle blossoms in the summer sun. Happiness bottled...



Bergamot*, Rosewood*


Tunisian Orange Blossom*, Jasmine Sambac, Rose Maroc, Boronia


Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Bourbon Vetiver, Beeswax Absolute Superieur, Ambrette Seed


*certified organic, organically grown






"Good Lord, what a miracle!...

I am really unable to tell which blossom is dominating. Above all one is under the impression that the whole is more than the sum of it's parts. More than Rose, more than Honeysuckle, a hybrid blossom, a magnificent chimaera, more beautiful than anything nature has to offer, even more elevated by the incandescence of her very long lasting hesperidic tonalities.

Honestly, this ensemble is of a stunning beauty, a Mediterranean terraced garden in the sun at noon, in the month of June, before the heat becomes too overwhelming.

The abandon. The joy. The bliss. Pure and simple.

Merci for these moments, Mrs Neuffer!!!"


thank you very much TIEPOLO, Beautétest