Bergamot*, Honey Tangerine, Tunisian Neroli, Galbanum



French Narcissus Absolute**, Tunisian Orange Flower Absolute*, Indian Tuberose, Egyptian Jasmine, Persian Rose Otto



Bourbon Vanilla Absolute*, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood**, Cocoa, Tonka Bean, Honey Absolute Superieur, Vegetal Musk



*certified organic, organically grown

**an extremely cost prohibitive material created for making even a grown bookkeeper weep...





"Because you see, all-naturals Narcissus Poeticus is heady, bedazzling, bacchic, mind-blowing and beautiful, there's no other way to describe it!

 The fragrance by Annette blends luscious, vibrant, natural essences, weaved into a dynamic composition; I have had it evolve on my skin, and each day there is a new nuance to be revealed, one day it's the jasmine, another what I perceive as orange blossom absolute (the genius pairing first conceived for Narcisse Noir by Caron) and another yet I get lots of yummy tonka bean.

There is an intimate, unsettling (deeply sexual) vibe about it, like a warm pillow where a beloved head had slept on the night before and you're clutching it in the morning, the memory of the scent even more precious than the reality lived, to paraphrase Henry Miller and his sexy Tropic of Cancer.



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